Review: Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Nerdy But Flirty

My boyfriend is quite hellbent on expanding my style of gaming. Admittedly, I am a lover of all story-driven RPGs. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fable, Skyrim…these are just a few household names for gamers. I LOVE a game that I can lose myself in! Ya know? All on my trusty Xbox consoles.

However, I’ve decided to allow myself to expand and open my life up to other realms of games. So, I began my adventure of console to keyboard. The first games included World of Warcraft! As well as Diablo 3. Then, my friend Cameron gifted me with a game called Cook, Serve, Delicious! How do I even begin?


Reading over the description provided on Steam, I thought “this sounds cute and simple!” I couldn’t be more wrong… It’s fun! But man, is it a challenge!

Vertigo Gaming, Inc. created this brilliant masterpiece. If I…

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