Andromeda, Aliens, and Steamy Bits, Oh My!

My newest article on Nerdy But Flirty about the romances in the newest Bioware game –
Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Nerdy But Flirty

[Editor’s note: This article is probably too steamy for a work environment!]

Romance, it’s in the air! Not because it’s spring, but because Mass Effect: Andromeda was released two weeks ago, and I AM IN LOVE.

Sure, I’ll be honest, the guns are great. Space exploration never gets old. There are quests for days, and open world maps that will take days/weeks to explore fully! But, for some of us (ahem, me), we came for the steamy bits—with super hot aliens.

There are several changes in how romance works when you compare the original trilogy with Andromeda.

In the original Mass Effect trilogy: romance worked in a certain order. There was no casual flirting or casual sex. It was a lot of foreplay (almost too much). Which is idealistic, sure! However, not realistic. If you wanted to romance multiple people, you had to spread the love…

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