The Neurodivergent

I’m Jessica Cox.  Currently I’m 30 years old, residing in Atlanta Georgia.

What makes my blog unique from the other billions of bloggers?  I’m writing specifically to raise awareness for Asperger’s Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder from an “On the Spectrum” perspective with my true identity.  I’m not hiding my face or journaling behind anonymity.

It’s not about knowing who I am, it’s about understanding that Spectrum disorders don’t have a face.  We’re not all the same, and we’re all affected differently.

This is just my personal view.


1 thought on “The Neurodivergent”

  1. Thank you Jessica, for sharing thoughts, and bringing more awareness and knowledge for others, like me. Thank you for sharing your self, your gift shines brightly, and its beautiful. I’m glad to read that you enjoy your life, and life all around you. And I feel joy too at reading your words, your story; and I sense a connection and feel I can understand you, and others like you better. Thank you for sharing though you may never know me, my story or feel a connection with me in return.

    Your gift to me is very appreciated and I hope you can appreciate my gift to you is gratitude.

    May God bless you always.

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