Sensory Processing Vlog

  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) provides it's fair share of daily challenges for me.  Every stimuli impedes my ability to focus even on the most basic of tasks.  It has often been confused for ADD, or ADHD.  Although it looks similar at times, it is vastly different. The day I recorded this video, I had… Continue reading Sensory Processing Vlog

The Carpet Is Lava

One moment I was giggling, a soft rug tickling the skin of my bare feet.  In my ears rang the delightful sound of my husband's laughter as it washed over my soul.  His fingers at my ribs, tickling mercilessly! Then the AC of our apartment kicked on and the lights flickered for just a brief… Continue reading The Carpet Is Lava

The Empathetic Aspie

It's always a roller coaster ride for me when people I don't know begin talking to me in public places. Just this morning, as I was standing in Starbucks waiting on my Tall Chai Tea Latte, a woman I have never before met randomly started talking to me about how horrible her morning has been.… Continue reading The Empathetic Aspie

Please, Don’t Call Me High Functioning

*stands on soap box* I don't believe in "high" or "low" functioning.  Labeling me as one or the other has become... degrading.  It's disrespectful and dismissive. A friend of mine recently observed how people talk about "high" and "low" functioning autism as if they're two different entities.  When really, they're one and the same.  They've evolved to… Continue reading Please, Don’t Call Me High Functioning