Return – Future Q&A

Hello reader.  I'm not sure who you are, or how many of you there are, but I felt it was time that I let you know that I'm okay. I'm sorry for the silence.  I have been in my mind, processing an enormous amount of data involving my life as I knew it, as I… Continue reading Return – Future Q&A

The Corporate Aspie

As I’ve become more open about Asperger’s and my life, the question of how I maintain a corporate job comes up quite often.  “If you have social anxiety, how do you hold a job in communications?”Don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me!Truth of the matter is, my love of people is greater than my… Continue reading The Corporate Aspie

My Internal War That Is Asperger’s

Speaking from my own experience, Asperger’s is an internal war of the raw versus the refined. At any time, I find myself over-encumbered with input and output formulas as I both take in the world, and respond to the world that surrounds me.  Because of who I am when stripped away from these formulas, I… Continue reading My Internal War That Is Asperger’s

The Singing Aspie – “Issues” on Ukulele

People often tell me that I can't possibly be Autistic because I understand music, play instruments and sing with feeling.  Honestly, music has always been my stim and saving grace.  It gives me a place to safely hyper-focus, connect with myself and with the world. I've decided to share with you a song I recently… Continue reading The Singing Aspie – “Issues” on Ukulele