Sensory Processing Vlog

  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) provides it's fair share of daily challenges for me.  Every stimuli impedes my ability to focus even on the most basic of tasks.  It has often been confused for ADD, or ADHD.  Although it looks similar at times, it is vastly different. The day I recorded this video, I had… Continue reading Sensory Processing Vlog

The Singing Aspie – “Issues” on Ukulele

People often tell me that I can't possibly be Autistic because I understand music, play instruments and sing with feeling.  Honestly, music has always been my stim and saving grace.  It gives me a place to safely hyper-focus, connect with myself and with the world. I've decided to share with you a song I recently… Continue reading The Singing Aspie – “Issues” on Ukulele